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Forget everything you thought you knew about life insurance. Today, Fabric is opening its doors in 32 states.

That means if you live in Texas, Illinois, Ohio or 29 other states, you can have life insurance coverage about 2 minutes after you finish reading this sentence (we timed it!). Our plans start at $6/mo for $100,000 in coverage and you can do it on your phone, tablet, or desktop. Gone are the meetings with agents, complex and costly policies, and weeks of waiting. For the 37 million American families with no life insurance coverage, this is a big deal1.

We believe all families deserve a secure financial future and we are 🎉 to be on our way to fulfilling that vision.

Here’s how Fabric works:

If you’re 25-44, accidental death is your life’s single biggest risk2 . Fabric Instant covers you with accidental death insurance in about 2 minutes, on your phone. You can upgrade coverage later to include death from accidents and illnesses by replacing Fabric Instant with Fabric Premium, a 20-year term life insurance policy. Our policies are issued by Vantis Life, which was founded in 1942 and has a rating of “A” (“Excellent”) for financial strength and claims-paying ability from A.M. Best.

Fabric is where new parents come to start their new family's financial life. It’s such an exciting time, and you shouldn’t need to become an insurance expert to make a good decision for your family. No matter what an insurance agent may tell you, it should be straightforward to purchase the coverage you need. We get you on the right path with minimal cost and effort.

Anyone who buys life insurance is planning for the future. Our customers are ambitious, thoughtful, caring, and selfless. They should feel confident because their family has the financial support they need. If we can make life insurance affordable and easy to buy, then we can help the 37 million American families without life insurance get on the right path. No agents necessary.

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