Ten Parents Nail It In 140 Characters Or Less.

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These ten parenting tweets have us nodding our heads, cracking up, and thanking our lucky stars we're not the only ones.

Face it, parenting is weird. Wonderful? Sure, but also confusing, exhausting and flat-out, unbelievably weird.

Sometimes after you’ve stepped on the 700th Lego, spent all your energy fighting a toddler about putting on their coat, or have been interrupted in the bathroom, all you can do is laugh.

Other times, there's Twitter. Here are the ten funniest parent-tweets of the last 30 days.

1 - Gross? What's gross?


2 - Nothing happens without coffee.


3 - It's a lightbulb moment.


4 - Every single time.


5 - Wish someone huddled us up.


6 - Do you have what it takes?


7 - Pretty much this.


8 - The rules don't apply to grown-ups.


9 - Ah, the unabridged toddler dictionary.


10 - Bring 'em all if it keeps us moving.


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