Slime: Everything Parents Needs To Know.

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If you’ve got a 4th, 5th, or 6th grader at home, odds are you’ve got a Slime-watcher in the house. Time to join the fun or put your foot down? Before you decide, watch the videos and read the facts. Warning: It's addicting.

Welcome to the world of Slime, the latest and greatest trend (think beanie babies and friendship bracelets) taking the internet by storm and making elementary-school entrepreneurs in the process.

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It's easy to see the appeal, right? Now let's get you caught up on the facts:

  • Kids from 9 to 12 (that's 4th grade through 6th) are dealing - Slime! Like Beanie Babies and friendship bracelets before it, slime is the new hot commodity in schoolyards across the country.

  • The homemade goo, which has the consistency of sticky Silly Putty, is created using glue, Borax, water, cornstarch and food coloring. Popular varieties include “fluffy” slime — which uses shaving cream for a more airy texture — and “butter” slime, which includes clay.1

  • Doctors warn that Borax - one of the ingredients often used to make slime - is toxic if ingested. Stores report sudden shortages of Elmer’s glue, another popular ingredient.2

  • Nearly 2 million people have posted their slimy creations on Instagram, either for sale or to impress.3

  • Popular Slime creators - most still in elementary or high school - have as many as 700,000 followers online... and are making as much as $3,000 per month selling the stuff for $5 - $12.49 per pop!4

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