Our 5 Favorite Free Coloring Books!

Why buy coloring books when you can download and print them free? We sorted through hundreds before narrowing the list to the best 5, one for each circumstance.

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Name: My Alphabet Animals

Free coloring book letters Length: 27 pages
Download link: Color-your-own.com
Best for: The kid who’s just getting into letters but not that great at getting crayons between lines.

Name: The New York Botanical Garden Coloring Book

Free coloring book flowers Length: 12 pages
Download link: Library.nyam.org
Best for: An adolescent watercolor user with an interest in waterlilies. Fun fact: Many world-class libraries and museums issue annual coloring books. A complete list can be found here.

Name: FDNY Official Fire Safety Activity Coloring Book

Free coloring book fire Length: 21 pages
Download link: Nyc.gov
Best for: The family who hasn’t yet realized that every firehouse seems to give freebies to children who stop by (plastic hats, coloring books, fire-themed puzzles and more).

Name: Printable Adult Coloring Pages

Free coloring book fire Length: 100s of individual pages for download
Download link: Freeprintableadultcoloringpages.com
Best for: The ‘old soul’ child who’s got the hand-eye coordination and attention span to match.

Name: Coloring For Grownups

Free coloring book fire Length: 10 pages
Download link: Coloringforgrownups.com
Best for: The adult looking to spend quality time with their kids and still walk away with fridge-worthy artwork of their own.

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